Below is a list of movies in which David Gulpilil has appeared. It spans 43 years. Things have not gone well for David in the last decade or so, according to Wikipedia, and he has been seen less often on the screen. There is a biographical film, called Gulpilil: One Red Blood (2003), which can be seen on the DVD for The Tracker (2002). He remains the single iconic figure for his people (at least in the movies) since 1971, and his ups and downs are symptomatic of some of the deepest and most unrecognized issues of modern society. Ten Canoes (2006) was something of a milestone. David’s initial involvement in the project was cut short but filming went forward and the result was the only major film of an Aboriginal legend, with an all Aboriginal cast. In 2008, he appeared in the would-be blockbuster, Australia. The film was a misfire and he was not seen to advantage. In that same year, a documentary called This is Our Country Too presented him in very reduced circumstances. In 2014, he returned to the screen in Charlie’s Country.

Walkabout  (1971)

 Storm Boy  (1976)

 Mad Dog Morgan  (1976)

 The Last Wave  (1977) – Peter Weir

 The Right Stuff  (1983)

 Dark Age  (1986) – No Review

 Crocodile Dundee  (1986)

 Dead Heart  (1996) – No Review

 Serenades  (2001)

 Rabbit-Proof Fence  (2002)

 The Tracker  (2002)

 Gulpilil: One Red Blood  (2003)

 The Proposition  (2005)

 Ten Canoes  (2006)

 Australia  (2008)

 This is Our Country Too  (2008) – Doc

 Satellite Boy  (2006) – No Review

Charlie’s Country   (2014)


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